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Our Adoption Program pairs directly with our education program. Those looking to adopt one of our rescues are required to fill out our Adoption Application form completely. Adopters that are completely new to sugar gliders are required to enter into a month long mentor program before cleared for adoption. 

Additionally, our gliders undergo an equally thorough process before they can be adopted out. Each glider much clear 2 fecal checks a wellness checkup before they are released to ensure that they are parasite free and healthy before going to their new homes. All males are also neutered before being adopted. 

We also offer detailed dietary and nutrition classes monthly to ensure that our adopters, both old and new, are up to date on the latest dietary information for their babies. New adopters are required to attend one of these classes in order to adopt, or must prove a comprehensive knowledge of their chosen and research backed diet. 

Our adoption fees directly relate back to each glider's veterinary and care needs. As a non-profit rescue, we do not make a profit from our adoption fees and instead our fees go towards medical costs and our rescue fund to ensure we can help as many gliders as possible. 

It should also be said that all gliders available for adoption carry a strict and enforced no breeding policy and all males are neutered. We do this to ensure our part in protecting the sugar glider gene pool as gliders that come into our rescue do not have verifiable lineage and therefore would be dangerous to breed. 

If you are interested in adopting from Glider Girl Rescue and would like to request an adoption application please visit our facebook page and send us a message there! Our facebook page is also where we post our available adoptable gliders! 

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