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How you can show your support

Glider Girl Rescue is a non-profit rescue, rehabilitation, sanctuary and education organization dedicated to helping sugar gliders and sugar glider owners in need. We travel around the country to assist in rescue efforts, ensure veterinary care and establish behavioral rehabilitation for gliders that need our help. 

Rescue founder Ali Larson has utilized her skills in graphic design and branding to create many sugar glider themed gifts and items for purchase.

If you would like to donate directly to our rescue through paypal, feel free to use the button below. If you would like to donate directly to our vetting costs, feel free to contact Spartan Animal Hospital at

608-838-6115 and inquire about Glider Girl Gaming and Rescue's account. 

If you would like the be a Glider Guardian Angel and sponsor one or more of our sanctuary gliders you can check out our Patreon page. Find more information on our About page.

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