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Glider Girl Gaming


"Your friendly neighborhood gamer girl! Rescuer of Sugar Gliders, admin on the Dreyma Ark Survival Evolved clusters, artist and professional graphic designer, and teller of bad jokes. My channel raises money for sugar glider rescue and rehabilitation! Come play with me!"  - GliderGirl19

'Glider Girl Gaming' was started as a fundraising effort to support the glider rescue mission. I started streaming video games on twitch, using it as a platform to get the word out about what I'm trying to do. The project grew to what it is today.

Keep an eye out for stream information and 'LIVE' notifications on our facebook, or subscribe and follow us on our twitch or youtube channels.

***Please be advised that the GliderGirl19 streams are listed as 18+ due to language and some gaming content. Viewer discretion is advised. ***

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