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Glider Spotlight

Vanna (Van Gogh)

The one eared wonder

Sugar gliders are small nocturnal marsupials very similar to a flying squirrel. Their cute faces and silky fur are easy to fall in love with and are taking the exotic pet world by storm. Sadly many new owners bring them home without doing proper research about this high maintenance pet. Many assume from their small, rodent like size that they can be kept in a hamster cage on a pellet diet with minimal interaction. In truth, sugar gliders require large open cages, specific diets requiring odd ingredients and consistent fresh fruits and vegetables, can only thrive in groups of 2 or more as colony animals, and are active and rambunctious at night. They will also actively seek out human interaction after bonding with their person.

There are thousands of animal shelters and rescues that take in dogs and cats, but sadly there are only a handful of rescue and rehabilitation centers that work with sugar gliders. As an experienced glider owner and sugar glider education enthusiast, I have chosen to do what I can for sugar gliders suffering from neglect and poor care. Many overwhelmed owners do not have a safe place to surrender their sugar gliders. I'm hoping to change that.

Glider Girl Gaming and Rescue is a non-profit rescue, rehabilitation and education mission in south central Wisconsin lead by Ali Larson. We do our best to save sugar gliders all while streaming video games as a fundraiser for our cause. 

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