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Glider Girl Rescue is a non-profit rescue, rehabilitation and education mission focused on sugar glider safety and wellbeing. We have a thriving sanctuary program, a thorough adoption program, and we are partnered with a phenomenal vet! 

Meet Ali Larson

Ali is the founder and foundation of Glider Girl Rescue. She has dedicated her home and resources to ensure that no glider in need goes without help. From delving into marsupial nutrition sciences, to learning to build her own cages, to using her skills in graphic design and marketing to procure fundraising for the vetting needs and care of the gliders, the rescue is always on her mind. 

Meet Ashlyn Rice

Ashlyn is our northern rescue partner. Her and Ali have traveled all over the country to assure safety and sanctuary for gliders in need. 

Ashlyn is a sugar glider breeder with a wealth of knowledge in glider husbandry and genetics. She is an expert in navigating The Pet Glider pedigree system and lineage.

Meet Kristi Barnes

Kristi is a sewing superhero and has outfitted the entire rescue with cage sets, pouches and bonding bags. Kristi runs Suggie Snuggle Shop, a resource for all things fleece and sugar glider. It is incredible what she can engineer, and she wont stop pushing herself to learn new patterns and come up with new solutions to glider needs.

Meet Brett Larson

Brett is Ali's right hand man, the giver of treats, and also her husband. The rescue would be nothing without his constant support. 


No glider is too far for us to help. Glider Girl Rescue has been from Northern Minnesota, to East Indiana, through Kentucky,  down to Missouri, and much further on our mission to help sugar gliders in need. We have also assisted in connecting gliders in need of rehoming and rescue to those across our vast rescue network through the Glider Guardians Association. 

We have a comprehensive intake process, and structured rehabilitation program for our most difficult cases. Each glider is loved unconditionally and provided a safe and loving place to rest and recuperate, or heal if needed. Our rescue is judgement free and education based. We believe that those owners who are faced with the difficult decision to rehome their babies are the most self-less people out there, as they choose their animal's well being over themselves.

Our rescue would be incomplete without the fabulous Dr. Jen and her team at Spartan Animal Hospital in McFarland, WI. Their care and compassion is palpable when walking through their doors. 

We also owe so much to Madison VAC Emergency Veterinary Services. Whether it be 7pm or 3am, they are always ready and supportive in our emergency situations. And also Yorkville Animal Hospital of Yorkville IL, who does al of our neutered on our male rescues.  

And also Yorkville Animal Hospital of Yorkville IL, who does al of our neutered on our male rescues.  

Our hope is that every sugar glider that comes to us finds their forever home, even if that home is with us as a part of our sanctuary program.


Some sugar gliders that come to the rescue have suffered serious medical diagnosis, life changing injuries, or may be advanced in age. These babies are truly special, and enter into our Sanctuary Program to live out their lives here at Glider Girl Rescue. 

We choose not to adopt out these gliders as they require specialized care. Some require consistent medical care that can be expensive, others have special needs, many come with behavior quirks, and our elder members come with specific issues of their own. Many have been bounced around to home after home and deserve to finally have a place to settle in. 

It is for these reasons that these babies stay here with us. Not only is it unfair to the prospective owners to expect them to take on these detailed care regiments, but it is also unfair to the gliders.


Our Adoption Program pairs directly with our education program. Those looking to adopt one of our rescues are required to fill out our Adoption Application form completely. Adopters that are completely new to sugar gliders are required to enter into a month long mentor program before cleared for adoption. 

Additionally, our gliders undergo an equally thorough process before they can be adopted out. Each glider much clear 2 fecal checks before they are released to ensure that they are parasite and creepy crawly free before going to their new homes. All males are also neutered before being adopted. 

We also offer detail dietary and nutrition classes monthly to ensure that our adopters, both old and new, are up to date on the latest dietary information for their babies. New adopters are required to attend one of these classes in order to adopt, or must prove a comprehensive knowledge of their chosen and research backed diet. 

Our adoption fees directly relate back to each glider's veterinary and care needs. As a non-profit rescue, we do not make a profit from our adoption fees and instead our fees go towards medical costs and our rescue fund to ensure we can help as many gliders as possible. 

It should also be said that all gliders available for adoption carry a strict and enforced no breeding policy and all males are neutered. We do this to ensure our part in protecting the sugar glider gene pool as gliders that come into our rescue do not have verifiable lineage and therefore would be dangerous to breed. 

If you are interested in adopting from Glider Girl Rescue, please visit our facebook page to see adoptable gliders!

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